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Hosted By

Hali Stokes

Lead Consultant at South Coast Mission

Attend this FREE webinar on understanding love, sex and relationships!

Join us in a free webinar on how to successfully navigate the pitfalls in building and maintaining strong, close relationships that stay loving.

In this webinar we will be discussing the following (and more!):

  • What love is, really — and the three main kinds of love

  • Why people “fall out of love”

  • How you can keep the passion in a relationship alive

  • What causes communication in a marriage to weaken and degenerate into arguments and recriminations—or just silence—and how to repair it

  • The three most important factors that are needed for any relationship to be successful

  • How to avoid getting into a toxic relationship — or how to get out of one

Love is an important part of a person’s life. A true loving relationship provides support, comfort, validation and a person with whom to enjoy life. Too many settle for a poor compromise in their relationships, or feel so upset, angry or jaded, that they are skeptical about ever being able to have a successful relationship.

It is possible to have a successful, loving and passionate relationship, no matter what your experience has been so far. We can show you how in this webinar.

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Hali Stokes

Webinar Host

If you would like to contact Hali or one of the center staff, please email at contactus@southcoastmission.com
or call at
(949) 297-4446

Hali is the Program Director at South Coast Mission, a Dianetics and Scientology Self-Improvement Center in Lake Forest, CA. Over the last six years she has helped hundreds of people achieve their self-improvement goals.

"It's so rewarding to help people truly improve their lives. I first found about South Coast Mission when I was having problems with confidence and relationships. I was having a hard time getting over a relationship that had actually been pretty toxic to me. At South Coast Mission we fixed all this with counseling and courses, and I now have a career I love and I'm engaged to an amazing man."

South Coast Mission was founded in 2005 and has since helped thousands of people resolve issues such as self-confidence, stress, relationships problems, communication problems and controlling negative emotions. It provides personal and relationships counseling and classes.

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